Practice-driven sales training that unlocks your full potential

Companies around the world spend massive amounts of money into training up their sales people. However, over 90% of those training programs fail to deliver short-term, or long-term benefits.

Our courses are not only designed to improve our trainees' sales knowledge and capabilities. We also focus on how to implement an adequate mindset to help them thrive.
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How does it work?

Értékesítési tréning

On-site training

On-premises delivery

one-day-long to three-day-long sessions

practical and situational exercises

Courses can be tailored to your industry

erteketisek trainingek


Standard courses only

one-day-long to three-day-long sessions

practical and situational exercises

Sales Induction session you can send your new recruits to

erteketisek trainingek


Each training comes with a certificate of completion

Ideal to showcase your newly acquired skills on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

Sales Trainee of the month award


Very good training on cold calling and cold e-mailing techniques. A lot of what the trainer talked about was new to me.

Cold calling and cold e-mailing, Budapest, 2016

The trainer was very knowledgeable and obviously had field experience. The practical exercises were fun.

Essential Sales and Negotiations Skills, Budapest, 2016

The SSUM approach as well as the BATNA slides really caught my eye. I will make sure to apply those concepts in my next sales opportunities

Advanced Sales and Negotiation skills, Budapest, 2016

This course is ideal for people willing to start a career in sales. I learned the basics of sales, as well as realized how to adopt a relevant sales mindset

Sales starters, Wroclaw, 2016

The slides on the need to belong were great. I especially liked the on-site experiment conducted by the trainer.

Essential Sales and Negotiations Skills, Budapest, 2016


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